Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Illustration Workation in New York - Part 3 - Extras

Happy Tuesday!

Today I'll just be throwing on some photos and random stories that happened during our trip.

Let's start with the New York subway system.
First of all - it's huge! So many different lines, stations, transfers, and travel options. This makes transit in this city quite fast, but possibly confusing at times. My favourite part was that transit was super cheap, compared to Vancouver. In New York one can buy a weekly unlimited rides metro pass card for $30 dollars. And the city is huge, and there was no 'zoning' as far as we were aware. To compare in Vancouver for $30 dollars you can ride unlimited for 3 days (through most of the Metro Vancouver area) if you get a day pass for each of those days. Don't get me started on this.
Anyway - lots of fun things can happen on the NY subway. There are people who sing and even break-dance when the train is moving. And my favourite part was seeing these ads inside:
"The Cheese Dunce's Brain cannot process the bold flavors and fine, natural ingredients of Finlandia cheese. Hence the title Cheese Dunce."
"The Cheese Masochist loves the pain of denying himself the natural ingredients of fine Finlandia Cheese."
My least favourite part of the NY subway experience was having a spider fall on my arm somewhere in the tunnels. It could have been worse. It could have fallen on my head.

Now for some pictures from the NY library:

I wonder what that cluster of green lights is...a ghost?
Wonderful exhibit on historic children's books
Alice in Wonderland

Participating in the interactive part of the exhibit

Part of a book arch

Maurice Sendak section
The Blue Fairy Book
Randolph Caldecott
What pop up books should aspire to
William Blake pages
"The Frog Princess" - a Russian folktale which is one my favourite books/stories from my childhood.
In the gift shop I found this little treasure - best pun ever!

Inside the library itself:
Look! It's the ghostly green lights again!

And here too. Ok, fine. They may have something to do with my camera metering the light fixtures, but it's more fun to think of them as apparitions, so shush.

There's me, pretending to read a book. though I did actually read some of them later, as you'll see in a sec.

Glancing around at the shelves I spotted some old bibliographical dictionaries. So I looked up my last name in some Polish books, where my fathers lineage supposedly stretches from.

possible relative?
And look! My very own name twin, with a different spelling though. I like how there's no death date there.
So, when I got home I Googled this Maria Olszewska and found this Wikipedia entry. Pretty neat. We may be related, or we may not, but still a neat find. Here's a couple of nice pictures of her from the web:

Wow, ok - this post is getting long with all these pictures. So I think I'll just keep stretching this adventure on and have a post again next week about the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and something else that I'm forgetting right now.


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