Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ABC's of Goodies

The following is the outcome of a writing exercise we did in my Creative Writing class yesterday. The objective was to write a story/poem/piece of writing where each line began with a word starting with the corresponding letter of the alphabet.

"ABC's of Goodies"

All children like goodies
Baked goodies to be more precise
Cookies, cakes, croissantes
Donuts, danishes,
Fudge brownies
Good treats are hard to pass by
How can one resist soft and warm pastries?
Ice-cream is tasty too though
Jello as well
Kids actually like anything sweet I think
Little it matters to them, as long as sugar is the main ingredient
Many would even eat fruit, if it is bursting with sweetness
Nothing compares to parties
Often there is a variety of things to choose from there
Pie or cupcake? Chocolate or sorbet?
Questions that may be impossible to answer
Really, must one decide?
Silly grown-ups think so
Toddlers and tykes disagree
Unless the dessert table is empty, there's no reason to stop
Very many people admit they
Wish they were little again
Xylophones, hide-and-seek, candy delights are all so fun
You play, laugh, and enjoy life's little things
Zero worries about fat and calories.

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