Friday, December 11, 2009

Sounds of the Season

December is in the air and Christmas music is ringing in the malls and on radio airwaves, but is it just me, or does it sometimes sound rather sad and/or overplayed? I keep hearing overplayed tunes that have been remade and remixed over and over again by pop artists and that to me is rather disheartening. It feels like the holiday spirit has been worn out by all the replays. However, that could be just me.

Personally I find my spirits uplifted and festive when I hear some classic orchestra music. I imagine myself walking down snowy streets of Europe past the opera houses that are alive in concert. I remember going to see the ballet with my parents and coming home late in the evening. Snowflakes fall gently down from the sky as the finely played instruments sing together in harmony. Even though it may be chilly, I forget about it, too overcome with delight.

This season, I invite you to join me, and listen to some of my favourite music that plunges me into sweet nostalgia and brings me hope for the days to come.

-Kitaro’s “Peace on Earth” Album

-“Shchedryk” -- Mykola Leontovych (which later became “Carol of the Bells” -- Peter Wilhousky)
- Vivaldi – “The Four Seasons” Especially the “Primavera” track. Even though it’s titled “Spring”, I find the music has a very festive quality to it that is fit for Christmas.
- Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” soundtrack:

1. “Overture”
2. “March”
3. “The Magic Spell Begins”
4. “Battle between the Nutcracker and the Mouse King”
5. “Journey Through the Snow”
6. “Waltz of the Snowflakes”
7. Chocolate: “Spanish Dance”
8. Coffee: “Arabian Dance”
9. Tea: “Chinese Dance”
10. Trepak “Russian Dance”
11. “Dance of the Mirlitons”
12. “Waltz of the Flowers”
13. “Dance of the Prince and the Sugar Plum Fairy”
14. “The Final Waltz”

The complete list can be found here on Amazon --->

*Other classical music by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and others works pretty well also.=)

As for some of the more contemporary music, here are some songs that I find respectively accommodate the winter evenings which are spent daydreaming:

“Sweet Dreams” – Jewel
“Nothing Else Matters” – Apocalyptica
“Embers” – Just Jack
“This is Beautiful” – Tyrone Wells
“Your Guardian Angel” – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
“Song for Jesse” – Nick Cave
“White is the Winter Night” – Enya
“Marble Halls” – Enya
“Goodnight and Go’ – Imogen Heap
“Because the Night” Loreena McKennit
“Coventry Carol” - Loreena McKennit
“Snow” - Loreena McKennit
“Dark Waltz” – Hayley Westenra
“Change Your Mind” – The Killers
“I Got You” – Leona Lewis
“Love Letter” – Leona Lewis
“NYC” – Marty Sampson
“February Air” – Lights
“Division” – Moby
“Make This Go On Forever” – Snow Patrol
“Twenty Four” – Switchfoot

Happy Listening~*

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hello there, to those who wander unto this blog!
Hopefully you’ll visit often because you find my posts interesting and/or amusing to read.

My goal is to write about my own studies and practices of photography and illustration, as well as things that I find interesting such as: books, music, movies, beauty/make-up tips, and more.
In addition, if you want to hear my take on something specific, feel free to suggest it!

That’s it for now, stay tuned=)