Monday, February 20, 2012

Chapter-Head Compositions

Today I present here my latest Decorative Illustration assignment. The goal was to create 4 black and white illustrations that would be the little chapter-head images. I addition, end page illustrations were to be made. If the illustrations were for a well known story/novel, then the illustrations should have exhibited some sort of a twist.
Still being in a floral mind set from my previous project, I put a floral twist on the classic novel I've chosen to illustrate for. I'll keep the title and author a mystery though, just because=)

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`Strathmore Bristol Smooth Paper (6 x 6")
`Pigma Micron pens (0.05)
`Pelikan waterproof black ink

And the end pages:

version 1 - freestyle magnolia spread

version 2 - magnolia cluster - all over repeat pattern
version 3 - magnolia - all over repeat pattern, muliticoloured

version 3 close up
version 4 - magnolia - all over repeat pattern, multicoloured/half-drop. I chose this as my preferred design

 For these end pages I went through the following steps:

- I hand drew various individual magnolia branches.
- I scanned them into my computer.
- In Photoshop I arranged them into a cluster I liked and then I made a pattern out if it.
- Finally I imported this into Illustrator and I there I did a live trace and live paint.

Happy Monday! =)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Little Ida's Flowers

It's my 100th post. Yay!=)

The following illustrations are part of my first Children's Book Illustration class. The topic was fairy-tales and I chose to depict (mostly) character portraits of the flowers found in Hans Christian Andersen's story - "Little Ida's Flowers". I really loved that story when I was little.

[Ida]: “Can children go to these balls?”
“Yes,” said the student, “little daisies and lilies of the valley.”
"The two most beautiful roses seat themselves on the throne, and are called the king and queen."
"Hyacinths and crocuses which [are called] young ladies."
"I saw a long yellow lily [...] She was a court lady.”
"Large poppies and peonies had pea-shells for instruments, and blew into them till they were quite red in the face."

`Bristol Smooth Paper
`Prismacolor pens
`Micron pens
`Koh-i-Noor waterproof colour inks

9x12 inches

Prints available on my RedBubble
Happy Sunday!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Playful Occasions & Congratulations

It's been a while since I've posted.
Well, here's my first completed illustration project of the semester. The objective was to start to create a series of creative and unique greeting cards. This was my shot at it. I call this series "Small but Significant Occasions" - perfect for those little but awesome events in life=)

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`Bristol Smooth Paper
`Prismacolor pens
`Micron pens
`Koh-i-Noor waterproof colour inks

Happy Friday!