Monday, February 20, 2012

Chapter-Head Compositions

Today I present here my latest Decorative Illustration assignment. The goal was to create 4 black and white illustrations that would be the little chapter-head images. I addition, end page illustrations were to be made. If the illustrations were for a well known story/novel, then the illustrations should have exhibited some sort of a twist.
Still being in a floral mind set from my previous project, I put a floral twist on the classic novel I've chosen to illustrate for. I'll keep the title and author a mystery though, just because=)

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`Strathmore Bristol Smooth Paper (6 x 6")
`Pigma Micron pens (0.05)
`Pelikan waterproof black ink

And the end pages:

version 1 - freestyle magnolia spread

version 2 - magnolia cluster - all over repeat pattern
version 3 - magnolia - all over repeat pattern, muliticoloured

version 3 close up
version 4 - magnolia - all over repeat pattern, multicoloured/half-drop. I chose this as my preferred design

 For these end pages I went through the following steps:

- I hand drew various individual magnolia branches.
- I scanned them into my computer.
- In Photoshop I arranged them into a cluster I liked and then I made a pattern out if it.
- Finally I imported this into Illustrator and I there I did a live trace and live paint.

Happy Monday! =)

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