Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coffee & Tea Show

For my Digital Illustration class we had to create a poster for an event. Browsing the web I found this "Canadian Coffee and Tea Show" which I thought sounded amazing! I would absolutely love to go! And who knows, maybe I will, since it's still about a year away.=)

Anyhow. Here's my poster process below. I'm not wholeheartedly satisfied, but working predominantly digitally is still fairly new for me and I have a ton of other work to do too. =)

1st came the thumbnail sketches, which I'm not posting and shall remain a mystery:)

hand drawn line work, afterwards live traced and digitally inked with the pen tool

playing around with the colour palette

Adding some background textures and stuff

rethinking the colours...

experimenting with patterns...

rethinking some stuff

That's it!

Used my own texture resources +


Grungy Coffee Rings and Stains: by onthinair
Coffee Stain Brushes: by korn-field- 102
Texture: Tea Stain I : by frameofthoughts
Paper Pack 5: by dierat
Garton Font: by David Rakowski

Happy Sunday!