Saturday, January 14, 2012

Song Saturday - 2012 part II

 What may be curious for some to know is that today is "Old New Year's Day" in some Slovakian cultures. This distinction is due to the differences in the Julian calendar which Slavic Orthodox cultures follow. In my experience, Old New Year isn't celebrated too festively, but it is usually acknowledged, at least with some drinks, and perhaps even some fortune telling for young girls.

Anyhow, this day brought me a desire to share some more epic music=)

2012: Epic and Inspiring II

1. Hans Zimmer - "Pearl Harbor Main Theme"
2. Thomas Bergersen - "Remember Me"
3. Two Steps From Hell - "Hypnotica"
4. Two Steps From Hell - "Equus"
5. Two Steps From Hell - "Archangel"
6. Audio Machine - "Akkadian Empire"
7. Audio Machine - "Legacy"

Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Song Saturday - The Killers

I think I'll start off this new year by sharing a 'top picks' selection of one of my favourite bands - The Killers. It was their music, which I heard in my early teens that truly got me into intense indulgences of "music scouting" and listening to albums in general.

Here's my top 10 list: (In no particular order)

1. "Mr. Brightside"
2. "Somebody Told Me"
3." Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll"
4. "When You Were Young"
5. "Bling"
6. "A Dustland Fairytale"
7. "Romeo and Juliet"
8. "Tranquilize"
9. "Move Away"
10. "My List"

Happy Saturday!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Highlights of New Year's Eve

I've decided to share a few quick photos I took yesterday during my family festivities. They're mostly of food=)

Me, shelling some boiled eggs. I was mostly the sous-chef that day. My dad was in charge, since we were cooking his recipes=)
Some lamb being caramelized for the "Plov" dish.

Carrots, also for the "Plov" rice dish.

Some sauce going in=)

And here's the "Olivie"/Russian Salad being made

Of course my custom Munny dragon toy had to join the celebration

A little red wine

Our humble dinner arrangement consisting of components often found at Slavic winter spreads, like smoked salmon, pickled peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, pickles, olivie salad and plov rice.

My plate=)

And when the ball drops you've got to have some (more) chocolate and champagne!

My favorite chocolates ever!!

Some chocolate/alcohol cherries=)

And some left overs beginning to pile up!

Hope you had a lovely New Year's Eve as well!

Happy Sunday!