Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Illustration Workation in New York - Part 2

Welcome back to Illustration Workation. In this second episode we'll have a glimpse of the remaining educational days of our stay and next week I'll make a post about our free time activities and also possibly make a post that will feature advise and interesting tidbits of stories from all the people we met.
So here we go:

Day 4 - Wednesday - Comics day - Ok, fine. The day wasn't all about comics. First, we dropped by Lotta Jansdotter's studio/shop where she talked to us about patterns, textiles, and licensing. It was our fist time taking the subway to Brooklyn.

Look at the neat tile hats decorating some subway stations!
Apparently Brooklyn is very patriotic when it comes to graffiti
Lotta's shop

Lotta's shop

Lotta's shop

Lotta's shop

After meeting a pair of awesome illustrators based in Brooklyn we traveled back to Manhattan to learn a bit about the comic industry at DC comics

In their elevator hallway they have an amazing wall with all their characters. We all took turns posing next to them.
After DC we had a meeting with Archaia comics where we learned about more the indie comics and copyright. And after that my friends and I went to see "Pippin" on Broadway:

Day 5 - Thursday - Back to Brooklyn - We went back to Brooklyn to some very seasoned art directors and children's books illustrators.

Yours truly
After our official activities were done for the day - we walked the Brooklyn Bridge
The closest we ever got to the Statue of Liberty

Day 6 - Friday - Books, Bread and Brisk art. On this last official excursion day we went to Penguin books and then the Society of Illustrators.

Bookshelf at Penguin Books

Best book on that shelf. I haven't read it yet, but I'm certain it's solid gold.
Just arrived at the Society of Illustrators for a luncheon
Norman Rockwell’s 'Dover Coach' at the SOI

SOI library fireplace.

And here's our merry band of misfits on this NY adventure

And again - check out my friend's video-blogs for her takes on some of our experiences on her YouTube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/SweetPetitePea/videos

Till next Tuesday!


  1. It's quite entertaining to read these entries, and what an adventure.

    1. Thanks! Glad to hear I'm not just rambling aimlessly for my own amusement :)