Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Illustration Workation in New York - Part 1

Behold, finally the post about my New York trip. Sadly, now that I've gotten around to writing about it... I'm not super enthused to do so since I've been talking about a lot and I guess my storytelling energy has been thusly diminished. But I'll give it a go and probably keep things brief.

Basically what happened was that 9 other illustrator ladies from my university and I all signed up for a trip to New York organized by two of our professors where we would explore the art scene of The Big Apple and meet inspiring illustration industry professionals. We'd get a peek at illustration within the fine art, gallery, editorial, children's book, and textile realms.
And so, everything worked out - all of us made it on the plane, landed safely and spent a week in New York overwhelmed and inspired by amazing stories each day.

Here are a few of my favourite photos for each day of our stay. I apologize in advance for any crappy photos which were partially the result of my incompetent phone camera, and the fast pace of our trip.

Day 1. (Sunday) We took a red-eye flight and arrived in New York around 8am. We didn't do much that day, mostly walked around, napped, and ate food.

That's me at Times Square. We just dropped our luggage off and were in search of breakfast
Times Square

Oh look! One of those unique NY individuals
Night performances in Times Square

Day 2. (Monday) This day we met some amazing illustrators who were all very, very nice.

Guess whose studio that is, cause I won't tell ;)
Decided to to Little Italy for dinner.

On the way back to the hotel we spotted Alan Cumming making a fan appearance after his Macbeth performance
Day 3. (Tuesday) Editorial day. We casually dropped by The New York Times and Harper's magazine...yes, casually. (No, not really. There was security clearance and everything).

We started the day by hitting up some recommended art and book stores
Oh no, our group got separated crossing the street

Had a meeting at an Empire State Building conference room with a young, promising illustrator, who all the ladies really loved to take pictures with afterwards.

Stay tuned for the next episode airing next Tuesday where we went to DC comics, walked the Brooklyn Bridge, and dashed through museums!

And in the mean-time check out my friend's video-blogs for her takes on some of our experiences -- Episode 1 - "On a Plane Again"
YouTube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/SweetPetitePea/videos

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