Sunday, August 12, 2012

Art-School Owls

This piece is contribution to a project happening at my university. Long story short, a few of my illustration classmates and I are illustrating different locations from our school for a book/booklet that will be printed for 1st year students this fall. Without revealing the exact location, I'll just say it's a place where certain students meet up to discuss various issues.

As usual, my process was to start with some thumbnail sketches (which I'm too lazy to scan, and they're hardly that fascinating).

Then the rough version looked like this:

Then, after refining the rough sketch, I did my line work, which I scanned in, should I screw up later when I'm painting.

And the final piece:

 And there we have it -- some artsy art-school owls chatting and what not.

Original is painted on 9x12 Bristol Smooth paper
I used a mix of micron pens, watercolours, waterproof inks, and touches of gouache.

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