Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sketches by the Shore

This past week I've been spending my time on a vacation of sorts in Puerto Vallarta/ Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Of course I had my sketchbook with me and in the afternoon I doodled on the beach.
Here are some pages:

The 'e' looks really odd but I'll just say it reflects the reclining position I was in as I drew.

For this doodle I even wrote a little poem:

"What this small kitten wanted most of all,
Was an escape to a a place where she knew no one at all.
Where she'd have luxury and simplicity at the same time,
One hand with a pina colada, and the other on a tree she could climb.
She wanted to sit still and gaze at the sky,
See stars glimmering and airplanes fly by.
She wanted to sit there all day and all night
Without receiving a single bug bite."

A super lazy attempt at drawing from life.
Inspired by storm that came in the afternoon
This is another lazy attempt at drawing something realistic, this time a photo from a magazine
I was feeling poetic again

Now I'll try to use 7-8 sentences to describe each day of my trip:

1 - Saturday - After arriving at the hotel I did, in fact, get caught in the rain and have a couple of pina coladas.
2 - Sunday - It was the first time I had ever fallen asleep on the beach.
3 - Monday - The highlight of the night was getting dressed up and going to the Italian restaurant at the resort
4 - Tuesday - It turned out that swimming in the ocean was not really an option due to murkiness and sting rays popping up, so from this day I resorted to swimming in the pool each day for as long as possible - that is until too many people got in.
5 - Wednesday - It really baffled me why in an almost empty pool, people would prefer swim into the small section of the pool I was using, only to stop and tread water in place (at the most). "Move! I'm actually getting exercise here!"
6 - Thursday - Took a bus trip to the downtown of Puerto Vallarta to get some souvenirs and later that night I saw sea turtles hatching and going into the the ocean.
7 - Friday - Got my overgrown hair braided.
8 - Saturday - I've never seen so many Duty-Free stores in an airport that REQUIRE you to go through them in order to get to your gate. Kahlua and Baileys it is!

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