Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sometimes It's Hard to Choose!

This will actually be a post on photography - something I haven't posted on in a long time! Basically I'm going to show you a process of editing and visually selecting what images I put out there on the web. I love editing, but sometimes it's hard to choose which version I like best, or I think works best.

Here we have my retouched image in it's full, original crop:

Now, I'm trying to decide how I'm going to crop it. Though in the end I'll usually choose one version to post on my web portfolios, I'll end up liking a few variations. Like these 3:

Today I picked the 2nd version. But THEN I get I come to a point where I'm not sure which editing to stick with...

No!! I like all of them...but then eventually I decide to go with the 2nd editing. So there we have it, a little glimpse into how I work with my photos!


  1. I did not understand why you want to crop the original .. I prefer the original.
    The changes can be made when it wants to "emphasize" a detail..but it is not in this photo.

    If you allow me some advice, are your eyes that you should open..I can not see them.

  2. I thank you.
    For me it was a simple suggestion..."masculine."