Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hawk of Achill

Here's the 2nd project of the semester.
The objective was to create two illustrations based on a piece of text that relates to a culture. The two pieces also had to relate to each other.

So..due to my love for all things Celtic. I illustrated the following pieces on the Celtic Hawk of Achill.
The information I used I found on this Celtic Symbols page which said:  

Celtic tradition lists the oldest animal as the Hawk of Achill.  As with many other birds, the hawk is a messenger of the various worlds. However, it is noted as being more skillful and stronger than most others of its species. To hear the cry of a hawk during a journey is an indication that it would be wise to be alert to upcoming situations that require boldness and decisiveness in order to keep from being thrown off-balance.  The hawk was considered a noble bird that brought the sun within his feathers, and enabled recollection and the ability to progress.

size: 8.5 x 11 inches | colored inks & watercolor
size: 8.5 x 11 inches | colored inks & watercolor
some detail

another detail shot

 How much time did I spend on these? Well...let's just say they were my priority and sleep was not an option, haha


  1. Very beautiful these illustrations..they have colors and fantastic imaginations.

    The before, very beautiful..the heroic character that he leaves quidare from the noble hawk.

    The second picture I can not define it, I see a "reflection" of the first .. but very "dedicated" to the observer's imagination.

    Surely in the Celtic simbologia they have a really meaning, but they always represent "transfigurations" that they reflect the personality of the author.

  2. Thank you:)

    For the last part, I agree, but I think that kind of thought can be applied to almost anything drawn/illustrated. We always, intentionally or not, put parts of ourselves into various aspects of our work:)