Monday, January 31, 2011

8 Random Facts/Tips

8 Random Facts/Tips about how I work:

  1. I use a synthetic big powder brush to brush off erasings and pencil dust/debris off my pages while I draw and colour. That way there is no smearing!

  1. I always have a clean scrap of paper underneath my drawing hand when I’m illustrating – to once again avoid any smearing.

  1. I paint my detail work with a 0/3 sized brush.

  1. When doing painting of any sort, especially illustrative colour detailing, I have a paper towel nearby to soak up excess paint after each new brush dip. Nothing worse than an unanticipated glob.

  1. I also try to have a scrap piece of paper that is the same type as the one that I’m working my piece on (next to the paper towel) to test colour and make sure it’s the precise shade I want. Different paper will make a difference in shade.

  1. Recently I’ve been preferring to do sketches in coloured mechanical pencil lead, rather than the standard gray. I find that it’s a great simple way to lighten the mood and make drawing/sketching more fun rather than work. Plus, if they’re “roughs” – then it looks neat when you laver them with black pen ink.

  1. I prefer to listen to music while I work through the speakers, rather than headphones or earphones. The wires can get caught and tangled in all the stuff lying around, causing spills and other clumsiness, so that’s why they’re a “no-no”. Also, I find that through the speakers the music pleasantly surrounds me and I can feel it better. And, I also advise putting on lengthier playlists – to help maintain focus on the art at hand. A need to constantly change the son can be too distracting.

  1. When using references, I like to have them open on my computer screen and draw/paint from there, rather than have the images printed out. It not only saves trees, but regardless of blurriness or pixilation when zoomed in, helps me better see the details. However, in the case of Celtic knots and designs, I have discovered them more readable in printed form. Plus, you can color code them overtop to make them easier to discern, particularly when free-handing.

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  1. You were very precise and detailed in explaining .. compliments.
    I can understand that you are very good .. I had this insight from your splendid painting.
    I did not understand the music if you need to "stimulate" the mind e/o to relax you.

    You must know that after yours "lesson" .. I could begin to draw.