Thursday, April 18, 2013

Business Cards Comparison - vs. Vistaprint

Hi there!
This morning I found a package by my doorstep. Seems some business-cards I ordered had arrived. A couple of weeks ago, after a conversation about different print services I became curious to try the Vistaprint printing service. I was quite skeptical about it, but decided to try it out anyway.

So, the cards came today. I opened the box and lo and behold - there were 250 cards that left me quite underwhelmed. " - make an impression" Sorry, I wasn't impressed, and I don't think I'd be making an impressive impression with the business cards you sent me. :(

I ordered Pro Business Cards with a glossy finish. I checked all print recommendations and templates on the Vistaprint site and made sure everything was uploaded properly when I ordered them, so I hoped the results would be better than how they came. (Apologies for oddly lit photos. It was an early and rainy morning, and the set up was quite impromptu)

(please click on the pictures for the full-sized image)
Vistaprint card
Here's the back of my card.
To compare, below is the image of the pattern I used for this card's back side. Red and white, not this borderline orange color that Vistaprint decided I wanted. Also, only one side turned out to be glossy - the information side- a detail which wasn't apparent when I was placing the order.

Also, let me compare the vista print with the set of cards that I got printed from
Moo card
So much better! When I got my Moo business-card package back in November I had no complaints whatsoever. I was very happy!
Now for a side by side card comparison:
Moo card on top, Vistaprint on the bottom
As you can see, the card from Moo is of the right colour and the line-work is thicker and crisper.
Let's have an even closer look:
(Above)The Vistaprint's product line quality is rather pixelated. When I look at the card it looks sad.
The line quality here is very nice, smooth and crisp. When I look at the card I think it looks fantastic. I would be confident in handing out this card to potential clients.

Also, let's have a close look at the other side:
This is a close up of the logo on the information side of my card. What's up with that halo of pixels floating around the lines? Sure, you'd have to look very close to see it, but I'm a perfectionist so I had to point it out. Oddly enough the red colour (which is the same shade of red as on the backside pattern) came out fine on this front side.
Pretty crisp and clean.

For the record, I'm not trying to bash Vistaprint, I just personally wouldn't order from them again. I wish I was happier with them because I love getting a good, frugal deal. However, I guess it just goes to show - sometimes you get what you pay for.

For 250 cards from Vistaprint I paid around $35. (with shipping)
*If one is on a tighter budget, needing lots of cards and is considering using Vistaprint - some precautions I would take to get the best quality from their service would be: to print a black and white graphic image on the backside and use a graphic with thicker line-work, if you can. I think with that approach it would be more likely that the cards would come out slicker looking.

For 50 cards from Moo I paid about $25. (with shipping) For 200 cards from Moo it would be a minimum of $70.00. 
*Pricy, but they do have discounts and promotions happening every now and then. I would recommend signing up for their newsletter. And I did love Moo's quality - they even send business-card holders with the purchase. Another cool thing about Moo, is that you can have as many different back side images as you want! This perk is particularly appealing to me as a creative professional.
**P.S If you decide to order from, here's a link that will give you 15$ off your first order.

To sum up, I wouldn't personally recommend Vistaprint, sorry! But if you follow my (hypothetical) tip, I think you might be able to get a better value for your buck from them.

Anyway, let's look at my Moo printed cards instead:
(my phone number has been edited out for internet privacy's sake)

Best of luck with your business card orders!


  1. That Mariya is gorgeous!

  2. I always used to find business cards stupid and boring. They used to have very simple outlines with no colors. But as the days passed by, they have improved a lot. Now I'm also planning to order some for my company Eton