Friday, December 30, 2011

Song Saturday - "2012"

The of 2012 is almost here, or may have already arrived for some of you, based on where you are. I wish you all an epic year in the most wonderful way possible. Here is some music, much of which if from various soundtracks which I find moving and inspiring. Please enjoy!

2012: Epic and Inspiring

1. Michael Nyman - "The One Moment"
2. Klaus Badelt - "Rescue Dawn Suite"
3. Immediate Music - "Liberty Shield"
4.Thomas Bergersen - "Promise"
5. Apocalyptica - "And Nothing Else Matters"
6. Steve Jablonsky - "Arrival to Earth"
7. X-Ray Dog - "Here Comes the King"
8. Armand Amar - "Home Part II"
9. Hans Zimmer - "Armageddon Theme"
10. Howard Shore - "The White Rider"
11. Hans Zimmer - "One Day"
12. Audiomachine- "Final Hope"

Happy New Year!!!

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