Friday, March 11, 2011

Exploring the Vikings (part 3)

Finally I am posting the 3rd illustration out of my Viking Illustration project trio.
This is meant to be the scene with the Well of Urd. In short: "The well of Urd is the well of life. It lies by the one root of Yggdrasil that is in Asgard. It got its name from Urd, who is one of the three Norns sitting in a beautiful hall by Yggdrasil, spinning the threads of destiny.

The Norns are the three fates who decide the peoples' and the gods' destinies. They also keep the ash tree Yggdrasil healthy with holy water from the well. Every day they pour water from Urd's well over the World tree to keep the branches fresh."

Illustration info:

Paper: Strathmore Bristol smooth 9x12 (image 7x 10'')
Colour: Koh-i-Noor colored inks + Daler Rowlney white gouache + Rapidograph (6x0/13)
Time:  Uncalculated, but a long time.


line work
at 95% completeness
All 3 pieces together:

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