Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Exploring the Vikings (part one)

One of the latest illustration projects is to research about a culture and create three iconographic illustrations on it. I chose the Vikings:)

Here is the first illustration which I've been slaving over for a LONG time. It's the Yggdrasil tree, but I focused more on the animals in this piece rather than all the realms.

Here's a quick online excerpt of the myth: 
"In the Norse mythology birds of prey are found in the ash tree Yggdrasil, whose branches spreads over all the world. In the top of the tree live a wise eagle. Between its eyes sits the hawk Vedrfolner. At the roots lie the snake Nidhug, gnawing at the roots. The squirrel Ratatosk run up and down the trunk, bringing gossip between the eagle and the snake. The ravens Húgin (Thought) and Munin (Memory) are servants and companions of Ódinn--the chief god of the Norse mythology--whose domain includes knowledge, wisdom and poetry. Their mission is to fly around the world and report what they see to their master.

Paper: Strathmore Bristol smooth 9x12 (image 7x 10'') | Koh-i-Noor colored inks + Daler Rowlney white gouache | Rapidograph (6x0/13) |
Initial line-work:
And some close ups:

Hopefully the remaining 2 images of the series will be finished promptly:)

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