Monday, November 7, 2016

I Once Was An Adventurer Like You - A Reference Collecting Photoshoot

Hello friends,

No super notable updates here at the moment, just working on various things.

One of my slowly blossoming personal projects is an art series inspired by the tales from The Silmarillion. So, last weekend, since the weather was beautiful and all my costuming sourcing had come together fairly successfully - a photo-shoot was organized. The idea was to help build a collection of images which would be used for references in illustrations and also to have a lot of fun, particularly since it was the Halloween weekend.

Because I always had a fondness for Tolkien's work, for fantasy adventures, and an unfulfilled quota of dressing up in costumes this was one of the best Sundays ever.

Here are the some of my favourite shots from that day:

It's a long journey ahead.
Caterpillar friend!

I admit, I wish I could dress up in this sort of fashion and walk around in the woods every weekend. It has definitely awakened my whimsical side which wants to go bargain hunting to collect more fantasy outfits and have more photo-shoots. So, keep an eye out, there will be more photo quests!

-Location: Colony Farm Regional Park, British Columbia, Canada.
-Photo: Seth Rutledge
-Styling, make-up, and editing: yours truly
-Wig: 'Lani' style wig in 'white' by Mythril Wigs

-The green cloak, sword, and burgundy tunic top were from Value Village and the pants, belt and boots were pieces I already owned.
-The brooch was a vintage sterling silver celtic brooch I was lucky to find on Etsy from the JewelleryDetective shop.
-The necklace was one which was acquired many years ago while vacationing.

Wishing everyone a great November!

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