Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pattern Pastimes Part II

Hello there and happy autumn equinox!

Alrighty! So amidst working on projects I can't show just yet, I've started a new mini series of patterned images.

They've become my turn to work when I'm falling short on optimal creative brainpower but still have enough energy and will to create something fun and finished.

I started with this umbrella and a desire to make a simple and seasonal design.

(Colour motif variations)
Naturally, a pattern also had to be made :)

Then, one night a pumpkin appeared.

(Again, exploring different colour approaches)
A pumpkin patch!

And then, I thought it might be a cute idea to come up with three of such stylized, patterned images per season (autumn, winter, spring, summer) and maybe make a mini calendar or postcard set or something at the end. So, that's what I'll be doing. Yay! Another excuse to add even more patterns into my work and life! =)

Here's the latest, Halloween inspired image:

These are all vector illustrations drawn mostly with the pen, line segment, and shape tools.

(Subtle variation)
(More subtle variations of ears, line weight and nose size with an inverted colour scheme)
And another simple, half-drop repeat pattern!
Oh, and for fun - above is what my patterned images look like when I'm working on them in Adobe Illustrator. I like to use lots of colours so that I can see well if lines are overlapping where they shouldn't be. Psychedelic! =)

Be well and till net time!

All images are ©Mariya Olshevska and may not be used or re-purposed without the artist's consent.

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