Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wanderers of the North

Hello again!

Today I'm excited to share with you a mini series of black and white animals I've been working on. The inspiration for this series comes partly my love for illustrating various creatures in a naturalistic style, partly the positive response I've received when I posted the fox image, and partly the new story/book, based on Norwegian lore, which a new team of conspirators and I are developing. So far I have five images completed and I hope to add many more to the collection!

Brown Bear

Red Fox

Inspired by the Icelandic horse, but incorporated a more whimsical mane.


Eurasian Lynxes

All pieces are roughly 4 x 6" in size and completed with ink wash, graphite and white gouache.

Yours truly, with some framed prints.
The image at the top, of all the pieces together isn't a photo, by the way. It's a quick simulation I put together in Photoshop, because the photos I took of the "real" works hanging on the wall all had reflections of people in the glass.

Cheers everyone!

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