Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Blue Jayne

Hello friends,

"Blue Jayne"
I love plays on words so I was very excited to whip up this little painting!

This is a  new piece of mine which will be in two upcoming art shows in Vancouver next month. The first will be The Blue Show by Rain City Illustration at the Ayden Gallery. It will be on for two days - March 31st & April 1st, with reception night held on April 1st. (I'll try to be there) What I'll have there is this blue version (above), printed and presented in a 6 x 8" frame. 

Next, the original of this image (below), which is actually sepia coloured, will be in The Postcard Show: Volume 4 on April 5th.
I'm killing two birds with one stone. Get it? I'm such a cheese-ball today, I know.

Anyhow, come down if you can. Both pieces/versions will be up for sale. :)
original size: 4 x 6

Now, here are the process steps that led to the finished piece(s):

Pencil concept sketch


Finished colour with ink washes + gouache + white pencil

Quick colourization in Photoshop
Some tonal adjustments and gradient application
Selected the background and re-colourized it
Process gif! I've been planning to do one for ages!
(*P.S - not sure if the colours are a little off on Blogger. Lately they've been differing from what they should be)
Original size: 4 x 6"
Materials: Pastel Paper + Microns + Ink + Gouache + White pencil

More lighthearted "play-on-word" mini paintings will be posted shortly.

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