Friday, September 6, 2013

Freebie Friday - Coffee Stain Textures


This week we're taking a break from textile textures and instead I'm posting some coffee stained paper textures.

And an extra, 7th one for luck!
This one actually looks more ominous than lucky...oops!

Again, feel free to use these resources for personal or professional projects but please:

Do not claim the original resource images as your own,
Do not redistribute commercially. Basically, don't save and sell the resources as your own, but by all means do share the link to this page with others. :)
Do not use these textures as a base to create your own stock art/resources.

Now go spill these textures on your art! And send me a link if you indeed do. I'd love to have a look! =)

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A good weekend to you all!


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  2. Thanks for these!

  3. Hi,

    I'm using one of your textures as a header of our Twitter account:

    It's absolutely non-commercial, just for our fun.

    Best regards,
    Miklós Troják