Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Art Week Sneak Peeks

Hi there!

So the past week has been fairly interesting.

Overseas, from July 30th to August 3rd, the Mail Me Art - Short & Sweet exhibition went up at the Framers Gallery. And the second show at the Factoryroad Gallery is happening this week from August 8th to the 12th. If you're in the UK area - go check it out.

Here are a few pictures I found from the show with my piece in them through the magic of the internet:

Photo courtesy of MMA
Photo courtesy of MMA
Photo by Bruce Richardson
Photo by Bruce Richardson
Check out some more pictures from the show on the Mail Me Art blog page. And check out the MMA3 books and prints for sale here: MMA3 shop. And of course here are links to my original piece for purchase (all proceeds go to charity) and the limited edition prints (all proceeds go to help me create more art ;) ).
And about the same time as the exhibition was going on - my copy of book came in!
Get your copy for only £12.99

Anyhow, I really wish I could have been there, but hopefully I'll get to go to England soon enough, possibly even for the Mail Me Art 4 show which I'm going to participate in.

Meanwhile, back in Vancouver, from August 1st - 4th I was with the Rain City Illustration Club at the Yellow Crane Festival enjoying all kinds of weather and selling artwork from our club members.

Here's us setting up our tent. Left to right we have: Pandora Young, yours truly, Sydney McKenna, and Michele Miguel.

The cards section
Table displays
A glimpse of our tent on one of the days. We'd mix things up every day with the layout.
Here's us again, looking all happy.

Krista Gibbard's lovely work

Our club calendar!
On the second day it started to rain and puddles began to appear by our tents. Quite a few people wouldn't notice them and step in them, to their surprise. So, Pandora had the brilliant idea of getting rubber ducks and letting them swim in the puddles - to warn people of the growing lakes happening all around.
Vancouver weather - she put a bird on it!

There were multiple duckies in each puddle along the festival art alley
It worked! Stepping in the puddle was avoided!
On the contrary - as effective as the ducks were at keeping the adults' feet dry, they drew in twice as many children to jump in and get wet. For the rest of the festival days the ducks were a hit with the little ones. (And they were also immensely popular with the photo loving ladies and gents)

Photo courtesy of Pandora
During the slow hours some of us sketched. I drew a little something everyday. Here's my favourite drawing:

Overall, the festival was a fun experience. It was great to talk to some nice people from out of town and from the area and tell them about our club. I sold quite a few cards so that was exciting as well. Not sure if we'll set up shot at the next year's festival but we've definitely learned lots and we'll hopefully be looking into representing the club at other arts & crafts events.

Michel and I after the last day of the festival managed to ambush Stephen Silver after his Schoolism workshop and got him to sign our sketchbooks! He was very nice about it too :)

On a final note, I've been working on some of my own fun, pattern inspired art and crafts projects and I'm eager to open an Etsy shop sometime at the end of the week. I'm off editing product photos as soon as I finish this post! Here's a preview of my merchandise below. I also have patterned canvases, lino-cut prints, and more in the works!

Up-cycled, hand painted, wooden treasure chests.

Happy Wednesday!

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