Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Books As Objects

So here are some simple documentation photos of my Book Media - Book as Object projects from this semester. This was a very interesting and challenging class I must say! Because, though not necessary a requirement, it was difficult for me to try to make books (or book-objects) and make them as neat as possible. I have to admit - I have somewhat crooked hands when it comes to making 3D things.

First Book - The Synesthesia Treasure Box (well that's at least what I was aiming for at least)

Excerpt from my project proposal:

"I am wishing to explore the phenomena of synesthesia and scent memory. Throughout my life I have “accumulated” a collection of aromas which when experienced trigger strong emotional and visual responses. Certain images and sounds have become synonymous with each of the aromas, at times even causing me to enter a mild and pleasant synesthetic trance. These sensations have caused me to become curious on whether or not similar experiences or associations can be provoked in other people. Could it be possible for me to produce artworks which when encountered encourage the viewer to imagine the scent from which the art was inspired?"


little scrolls

pebbles weren't party of the project, I was just using them as paper weights
 All content belongs to ©Mariya Olshevska. No unauthorized use.

 Second Book - Olivier Salad

Excerpt from my project proposal:

"The way I engage with cooking is akin to partaking in a short story. I often tackle a meal one recipe at a time – each filled with protagonists (the ingredients), antagonists (time and ability restraints), plot twists (unexpected accidents), plot climaxes (the coming together of all recipe steps) suspense (the anticipation of the first taste), and resolutions (the discovery of the recipe’s success or failure). A single page of directions feels like many pages of an adventure. In turn, I wonder – what if one recipe was dedicated its own book?"

(my Dad's recipe)
Illustrations were first hand drawn (line-work only) then vectorized in Illustrator
  All content belongs to ©Mariya Olshevska. No unauthorized use.

Happy Wednesday!

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