Thursday, March 15, 2012

Alphabet + Frivoli-Tea

This week's Decorative Illustration Project!
Our theme was illustrated typography and for the first part of the project we were to invent/illustrate our own alphabet. Mine was on things, mostly kitchen things, that are used to hold or deal with liquids:

`micron pens
`waterproof colour inks
`assembled digitally in Photoshop

And for the 2nd part of the project we were to illustrated an onomatopoeia word or a play on words of sorts. I chose to illustrate "Frivolity" which I turned into - "Frivoli-TEA". And I absolutely feel a series coming out of this pun. =)

This is the original version
But then I also decided to create my own hand drawn background pattern...

And I actually colorized it in Photoshop to be more of a light blue colour and put it behind my image=)

`9 x 11 Bristol Smooth Paper
`Prismacolor pens
`Micron pens
`Koh-i-Noor waterproof colour inks

Oh, and now I'm also on! A great place for illustrated letters and inspiration=)

Happy Thursday!

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