Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have some fantastic news to share! One of my photos -- "Shadow Watch" has been published in Digital SLR Photography magazine, April issue!!! I'm so excited because its my favourite photography magazine and because it's my first time having a photo published anywhere! I sent them a bunch of photos just after Christmas and heard from shortly after that they wished to use this photo. For a while I was not sure for which issue, but it turns out it was the April one. I was sooooo stoked to see it in print when the magazine came in the mail! Once the issue hits the Canadian stores, I'll be sure to pick up some more copies=)
If you see the magazine, be sure to flip through and take a peek, or maybe even purchase the issue=)
(pg 23)

My little blurb:
"This is a photo of my cat Toma.I wanted to take a few photos of my cat that really captured her mysterious and moody personality. One morning she was sitting in a shadow under the table just as the window light slightly illuminated her from the side. Noticing the lovely natural lighting I grabbed my camera, got down on all fours and started shooting. The only slight difficulty I encountered while trying to get the photo was retaining my cat’s attention. As she wanted to get up and leave, to keep her interested, I took out one of her toys. Afterwards, I added some vignetting in Photoshop, to increase the shadows."

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