Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Weather

A Weather is a music group that I've recently stumbled upon, in my usual searches for various melodies that soothe my soul.
I must say, I really love them. Their melodies are very soothing and calming, like lullabies, meanwhile their lyrics are full of obscurity. The words and concepts are very abstract to me, yet without full comprehension of any of their metaphors I seem to understand them internally. I compare it to seeing various mixed memories, such as fragments of sounds, visuals, and unusual scents, yet not truly remembering what they were all about; only knowing that they carry importance.
I recommend A Weather's music to: the nostalgic, the lightly melancholic, the dreamers, the creative, and anyone who likes to hair something odd yet pleasant=)

Some of my favourites from them are:
"Pinky Toe"
"Oh My Stars"
"Midday Moon"
"Lay me Down"

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Good night and enjoy~*

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